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Jan Duplak, Darina Duplakova, Zuzana Mitalova, Dusan Mital
   doi: 10.18421/SAR54-01
Nihat Pamuk
   doi: 10.18421/SAR54-02
Ludvík Juříček, Kateřina Bočková, Ladislav Zapletal, Martin Ficek
   doi: 10.18421/SAR54-03
Sitti Saenab, Andi Rahmat Saleh, Adnan Adnan
   doi: 10.18421/SAR54-04
Zuzana Mitaľová, Darina Dupláková, Dušan Mitaľ
   doi: 10.18421/SAR54-05
Sinem Gürkan Aydın
   doi: 10.18421/SAR54-06
Marija Magdinceva-Sopova, Aneta Stojanovska-Stefanova
   doi: 10.18421/SAR54-07
Hadeel A. Alamoudi, Thana’a M. Alsheikh, Mashael Khayyat
   doi: 10.18421/SAR54-08
Lana Kudumovic, Mine Esmer
   doi: 10.18421/SAR54-09